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Find out how to sell products and advertise those products without owning a website. This is by far the most easiest and quickest business idea on the market.

Google Cash
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Google Cash is an eBook explaining how to make money by selling products as an affiliate and advertising these products using Google AdWords.

Its focus is on creating an online business without the need for a website. Your job is to find good offers and then create advertising campaigns to attract costumers.

Chris Carpenter, writer of Google Cash , takes you through the whole process of setting up this business. He gives you some good examples of his own campaigns and shows you tips on how to find products to promote and which tools to use to help you along the way.

Chris mention in his book that you can benefit from running your own website and promoting the products from your website. From AdWords you redirect the user to your website instead of directly to the products sale page. For some products that is the only way, as the company selling them does not allow its affiliates to redirect user directly from a PPC service like Google AdWords.
I would really recommend you to do it in this way. Benefits are that you can combine selling the products with other services, for example selling advertisements. The bad thing is that it makes everything more complicated and you need more skills to set it up.

Looking at some of Chris's examples makes it sound very simple to earn money, almost too easy. I am not going to say it is impossible to get the same figures as Chris, but I would say it is difficult. Main reason is that the competition is much harder now. Chris's figures are very impressive, but even if you only can make 10% of these figures it would be a good result that would please most people.

Have a look at Google Cash and see if it is something for you.
Do not expect it to be too easy, I know it does when reading the information, but if you give it some time I am sure you will soon have an extra income per month.

Cheers, Ed

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